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Edgar Benitez, CSCS, DIrector


December 15, 2023

Does Going to a New Gym Make You Anxious?

Hey, we get it. Walking into the gym can sometimes feel like stepping onto a stage where you're not sure you know all the lines. Maybe you're just starting out, coming back after a break, recovering from an injury or just never ever lifted weights before. Whatever your story, you're not alone in this. We understand that feeling, and we're here to turn your gym anxiety into a success story.

Seeing Yourself in the Gym Mirror:

  • The First-Time Gym-Goer:Remember the first day at a new job? That's how the gym feels sometimes. You might worry about using the equipment wrong or feel like everyone else knows something you don't. It's totally normal, and guess what? We've all been there.
  • The Comeback Crowd:Or maybe you're dusting off your gym shoes after a while. It's like rewatching a favorite movie but not remembering all the scenes. You know you loved it once, and we're here to help you fall in love with fitness all over again.
  • The Recovery Warriors:Coming back from an injury or a health setback? It's like learning to ride a bike again – daunting but doable. At IMOC FITNESS, we've tailored routines to ensure you're safe while you regain your strength and confidence.

Why Predictability is Key:

  • The Comfort of Knowing What’s Next:Imagine walking into the gym and knowing exactly what's in store. That’s what we offer – a routine that you can predict and feel comfortable with. It's like having a roadmap on a journey; it eases your mind and lets you focus on the workout itself.
  • Science Speaks:Our brains love predictability. It soothes the nervous system and reduces that pesky Flight or Freeze response response. When your workout is predictable, it's more likrly to put you in a nice balance between Flow and Fight. This is where Wins happen, this is where endorphines are released. It's where the magic happens!

Low WES Exercises: The Equalizer:

  • For Every Fitness Level:Whether you're a gym newbie or getting back in form, our Low WES (Weight-bearing, Eccentric contraction, Skill) exercises are your perfect match. They're designed so everyone can go at their own pace, without feeling left out or overwhelmed.
  • The Power of Shared Victories:You’ll see everyone around you, regardless of their fitness level, doing these exercises. It creates a sense of camaraderie and achievement. We're all in this together, celebrating each small win.

Conclusion:Here is how we solve the issue of anxiety of starting a new program. The Low Wes exercises we prescribe allows you to make you feel you know what the heck you are doing! And we know that part of the anxiety is the thought of others wondering if you have ever worked out before. We make sure you know what you are doing for your first month so you can mentally prepare and gain confidence in your program by mastering the exercises you know is coming! 

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