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Edgar Benitez, CSCS, Director


January 22, 2024

Is Your Fitness Happiness a Mirage?

In the grand theater of life, the concept of happiness often gets lost in translation, confused with fleeting moments of joy. Similarly, in fitness, the journey toward results is sometimes muddled with the misconception that motivation and the euphoria of progress are constants. Understanding the distinction between feeling happy and being truly happy is crucial, especially when motivation wanes and adherence to your fitness blueprint is tested.

The Happiness Conundrum:We live in an era that tends to conflate happiness with the rush of positive emotions. Yet, as any seasoned thespian knows, the show’s success isn’t merely in the applause but in the entirety of the performance. Fitness, in all its glory, isn’t just the exhilaration of a personal record or the satisfaction of a completed workout; it’s the ongoing commitment to health, even on the days when the ‘feel-good’ script doesn’t play out.

Feelings vs. State of Being:Feelings are transient – they’re the applause that comes and goes. Being happy, like being fit, is a state of being – the result of consistent, disciplined performances, regardless of the immediate emotional feedback. This understanding is vital for anyone seeking lasting results in fitness because the path to true strength and health is rarely a constant high.

The Role of the Limbic System:The brain’s limbic system can make us a standing ovation one day and our toughest critic the next. If we chase the feeling of happiness in fitness – the temporary rush – we become actors on a stage directed by inconsistency. But by recognizing that feelings are mere signals, we can focus on the endgame: sustainable health and performance.

Staying True to the Blueprint:A blueprint for fitness success is like a script for an award-winning play. It needs to be followed, even when the theater is empty, and the lights are dim. Understanding the distinction between transient happiness and enduring fulfillment in our fitness journey allows us to stick to the plan, even when motivation is off-cue.

Conclusion:In the end, the truest form of happiness in our fitness journey comes from resilience – from showing up, following through, and understanding that the feelings of joy, like the applause, are wonderful but not the measure of our success. The real victory is in the quiet satisfaction of knowing we’re building healthier, stronger selves, one disciplined act at a time, no matter what emotions the day may bring.

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