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Edgar Benitez, CSCS, Director


January 15, 2024

What Are You Actually Training For?

In the fitness world, there’s a common dilemma: how do we truly measure the success of our training? It’s not just about lifting weights in a controlled environment. The real test of strength and resilience comes from facing varied challenges, much like a boat braving the open sea.

The Boat Analogy in Fitness:Consider this: a boat may be robust and beautiful docked in the harbor, but its true strength is only revealed when it faces the stormy sea. Similarly, our bodies might feel strong in the gym’s predictable setting, but true fitness is about handling life’s unpredictable moments with confidence.

Beyond the Comfort Zone:

  • Testing Your Limits: Staying in the safety of familiar routines doesn’t tell us much. It’s when we push our boundaries through different movements and loads that we discover our real capabilities.
  • Preparing for the Unknown: Life won’t always offer the perfect alignment or tempo like in a gym. What if you need to lift a heavy object with an awkward grip? A truly fit body is one that’s ready for these real-world tests.

The Misguided Fitness Loop:It’s an ironic cycle – some train hard in the gym to get better at their gym workouts. But what’s the point of being gym-fit if it doesn’t translate to real-world strength and resilience?

A Program for Real Life:

  • Versatile Movements: A well-rounded fitness program includes a variety of movements that prepare you for the unexpected – like carrying a heavy sandbag even when your posture isn’t picture-perfect.
  • Real-World Resilience: True fitness provides the strength to handle life outside the gym – whether it’s moving furniture or picking up a child. It’s about being able to bend, twist, and lift without fear of injury.

Conclusion:Fitness should be about more than just looking good or performing well in a controlled environment. It’s about crafting a body that can handle the storms of everyday life with ease and resilience. By training for versatility and real-world scenarios, we build bodies that are not just showpieces but powerful vessels capable of navigating any challenge the world throws their way. Let’s build fitness that’s not just for the gym, but for life.

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