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Edgar Benitez, CSCS, Director


December 30, 2023

Why Modern Coaches Might Be the Key to Your Holistic Well-being

The quest for health is evolving. Gone are the days when a doctor’s word was the final say in all aspects of well-being. Today, there’s a growing tribe of health professionals who are reshaping the landscape: fitness coaches and trainers. These dedicated individuals, often perceived as the underdogs of health care, are tirelessly expanding their expertise well beyond traditional realms.

The Comprehensive Curriculum of Coaches:Coaches and trainers are the unsung heroes who consistently go the extra mile. They’re not just about sculpting muscles; they’re about enhancing life. These professionals are vigorously educating themselves on the vital role sleep, fitness, movement, and strength play in our overall health – areas sometimes lightly touched upon in the medical curriculum.

Why Coaches Might Be the Missing Link:The depth of a coach’s knowledge often stems from a unique drive – a kind of ‘little man syndrome’. They’ve felt overlooked, so they’ve become scrappers, ceaselessly learning and understanding more about holistic health than many traditional practitioners. They’re the ones staying up late researching the latest in circadian rhythms, nutritional biochemistry, and myofascial systems.

Questioning the Status Quo:It’s time for individuals to question: Are doctors the sole custodians of health knowledge? Or is there merit in turning to those who spend their days (and often nights) immersed in the science and practice of wellness?

The Shift in Health Guidance:There’s an undeniable shift. People are beginning to seek out coaches for guidance, recognizing that doctors, while experts in their specialties, may not always have the bandwidth to dive into the nitty-gritty of daily well-being. The understanding is dawning that for a truly holistic approach, you may need a coach.

The Underdog Advantage:Being the underdog has given coaches a kind of ‘scrappiness’, a relentless pursuit of knowledge. They don’t stop at certification; they continually educate themselves to be the best possible resource for those seeking a holistic approach to health.

The Emerging Trend:It’s becoming clear – people want more than just treatment; they want education, empowerment, and someone who will walk the path with them. They’re finding this in their coaches, who are ready and equipped to guide them through the complex journey of achieving optimal health.

Conclusion:The landscape of health and wellness is changing. As people seek comprehensive care, they’re turning to those who have made it their life’s work to understand every facet of well-being. Fitness coaches and trainers, once the last to be heard, are now leading the charge, offering guidance that encompasses the full spectrum of a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to embrace this change and consider who is guiding you on your journey to wellness.

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